Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Internet Resources for Introduction to Prophetic Literature Course

I'm starting my six week lecture course, Introduction to Prophetic Literature course in Maynooth next week and as an experiment have decided to try and assemble some Internet resources for my students. I usually spend some of my first lecture warning my students about the perils of putting "Prophet" into a search engine and what odd stuff you might find so this year I have decided to be proactive and try and steer students to some more helpful sites.

Use Oremus for an online NRSV edition of texts

Bible Study notes and Biblical commentaries by Dr Tim Bulkeley-has notes on Jonah and Amos. Bulkeley is well known for his work on Amos-the postmodern Bible.

The iTanakh site has a large list of resources for all of the Hebrew Bible-some useful articles in PDf format and very easy to navigate.

The Christian Resource Institute - Israelite Prophets Date Chart

The Book of Jonah Good general overview of the Book of Jonah though annoying advertisements.
A very detailed site has collected all the resources on Jonah (some weird and wonderful) together. I've put up the link for the more light hearted elements featured.

Online study guide to the Book of Amos-very detailed, a more straightforward guide.

Places in the Bible-Brilliant resource for "making real" some of the stranger place names in the Bible
 though you do have to pay for it. Another free alternative. Try this nerdy website that links to Google maps-I'll post more Bible Map resources in due course.

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