Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Christian Website-Worth a Look

After all my huffing and puffing about having to embrace the idea of getting familiar with Social Networking, one of my stealth followers sent me a link to a new Christian website which is still on Beta but well worth a look and I'll promise to update you as new features are added. Although it's American with a lot of contributors from the Far East, it's a good example of how various Christian Churches are embracing new technology and the widening influence if the Internet. Clearly listening to me!

There's a variety of services offered (again not all up and active but we'll keep our fingers crossed) personal profiles, social networking (Meet Christians, Connect with Friends & Grow Your Christian
Network), expert advice (though it doesn't give much info on who they think is an 'expert'-one person's expert being another person's quack and all that), content exchange, job search, and chat. There's also a rather odd idea of earning points for getting people to join up but I suppose we all have to encourage others in what way we can! Good to see the need for this sort of site being embraced. Be aware that you need to sign up to avail of a lot of the services.

Let me (and them!) know what you think and let me know of any other recommendations!

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