Monday, August 30, 2010

Website Reviews

As printed in the Intercom and republished with kind permission. As always if you have any suggestiong sor website reviews, let me know!

The diocese of Down & Connor has re-launched their website and the site is a fine example of lots of information readily available and easy to find on a colourful and accessible site. Several sections of the site are still being developed, but it will be very interesting to see how the FAQ section is developed. The sections on “I wish to become a Catholic,” “What Catholics Believe” and information on getting Baptised, married or organising a funeral are important points of information to have on a website, within easy reach of people who are searching for information. With this in mind, the section on Mass times (to be searchable by Map/ Postcode/Mass Times and confession in other languages is a worthwhile addition. In the age of “sat navs” and Google maps, looking up the location of a Church should be quick and easy on a well developed website like this.
The official website of the papal visit to the United Kingdom  is worth checking out as it is an excellent site with lots of information. The site includes a full and very detailed itinerary with lots of details and pictures of the various places that Pope Benedict XVI will visit. There are many resources for use in parishes, including prayer, ideas for a Journey of Faith Witness and promotion, and a practical section on guidelines for those organising events. The spirit of excitement and anticipation comes across very well through the site particularly through the resources and graphics

For teachers and those involved in the back-to-school process, do have a look at some websites to ease you back into the school year!  The website of the Religious Education support service and is an admirable source of information and resources for teachers and parish educators or even parents who would like to see how much has changed since they sat in the classroom! There is a very informative PowerPoint presentation on Religious Education as a Leaving Certificate exam subject that may be easily downloaded. The Journal of Religious Education that is available online via this site is packed with useful ideas for use in the classroom.
Elsewhere, the website for Religious Education in the Cork & Ross Diocese is very well maintained by Marie Murphy, the DA for Religious Education and contains plenty of links and resources to provide inspiration for the coming academic year!

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