Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Films for use in class-Bruce Almighty & Evan Almighty

Horrific puns aside, these two comedy films are useful in a debate on the images of God (one suspects that God himself would be pleased with the choice of Morgan Freeman playing him in both films).

Interestingly, Freeman's God is far more the God we see revealed in Jesus than the God of the original flood story. When Evan questions his motives he replies "let's just say that whatever I do I do it because I love you". It seems to contrast with his prediction of a flood, but ultimately he's shown to be true to his word.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the God of the ‘Almighty’ franchise is that he's a God who prefers to work through his people. While he may laugh at their plans, and use their prayers as an opportunity for growth, he longs to make the world a better place primarily by relying on "one act of random kindness at a time". Bruce Almighty also deals with the themes of injustice in this world, our response to God, and the goodness of God’s authority over our lives.

Have a look at some theological investigations of the film. Lessons about prayer. The Bible Society get in on the act.

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