Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bible & Ecology

I was rather chuffed at the recent IBA conference that Biblenerd was mentioned in Pat Rodgers's introductory speech for Larry Hurtado (I am sure Prof Hurtado was not terribly impressed, but we bibliobloggers take publicity wherever we can! On foot of this publicity, I had several people ask for the address of the blog (welcome to all who actually visited!) and a request from Pat and some members to put some material up on the site that they wished to be shared on the Internet-and hopefully be of interest to lots of people.

The first instalment is three PowerPoint presentations made by Sr. Céline Mangan OP on The Bible and Ecology, which I have uploaded to YouTube and posted here for anyone who might like them.
If any other members of the IBA want me to post anything, please let me know-I would only be too delighted to help. Below are the first three of six presentations.

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