Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bibledex in the Classroom

I've been singing the praises of Bibledex for a while now but have not got round to letting you know how successfully they can be used in a classroom. I've been teaching a Introduction to the Theology of Paul course for Mater Dei to a class that has students taking the course for credit as well as many who were auditing the course. This mean that there were different educational aims to the course and differing levels of ability which meant that students did not like speaking out or asking questions and I felt just jumping into a topic such as Letter to the Romans to be a bit "raw". To try and combat this and provide a "gentle" entry to the topic I played the Bibledex video for the students, for example this one on Romans

And then put some notes up on my PowerPoint to start discussion. This worked really well as students didn't feel under pressure to take notes and enjoyed the graphics that illustrated the main points in the video. I've all my notes from the course on Scribd so you can have a look:

I got great feedback from students-many of whom went back to watch the video after the class on their own computers. They proved a great launchpad for the important topics in a particular epistle and the students were fascinated by the "real world" of Paul. The biggest talking point however, was just how many books does Richard Bell have? 

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