Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Roll

I've finally got around to tiding up my Blog Roll, some Wordpress users have got even fancier (yes James McGrath, I'm talking about you and your lovely and have moved to Patheos which has a gorgeous layout and well worth a look in its own right. Some discontinued blogs have gone, though I just can't seem to let go of Hebrew Tattoos even though it has been over a year since the last post.

I've added Ken Brown's C.Orthodoxy which I've been following for a while but never added. Check out the great review of the new Harry Potter film. I've also managed to find another woman out there, Suzanne McCarthy on Suzanne's Bookshelf-worthy winner of the June 2011 Top Biblioblogs. Have a look at their list of biblioblogs and the Reference library for more great bloggers!

Let me know if you've any more recommendations (or can find any more broken links!)


  1. That's for the link! Did we meet briefly at ISBL?

  2. We did indeedy-I was the one shouting at James-not something I do at every conference I swear! Love your post on the monotheism sessions-reminded me of why I sat on the floor for so long!