Saturday, July 16, 2011

Website Reviews

A selection of website reviews reprinted with kind permission from the ever awesome Intercom. First published in June 2011.

The website for the Eucharistic Congress 2012 is fully up and running and if you have not viewed it for a while it is worth checking back to see how it has been updated. There is a countdown clock and the latest news now works on RSS feeds so you can easily be updated with the most up to date information. There are more videos (including Fr. Kevin Doran’s interview on EWTN regarding the preparations for the Congress) and an excellent event guide where you can search the events by each diocese. Registration for pilgrims to attend the conference opens in June and the website offers very accessible information on the different types of accommodation available, travel arrangements and information on the various programmes of Congress Week. There is also information on the Theological Symposium to be held in Maynooth, the speakers of Congress Week and an excellent “FAQ” section. The Congress Prayer and Hymn are illustrated with excellent videos and make sure to sign up for information and the e-zine. The website really contributes to both informing the public of the preparations involved in the Congress, and to raising interest and excitement in this special event.

Preparations for World Youth Day 2011 are well under way and information can be found on the official website. The website gives plenty of colourful information on the preparations in Madrid and worldwide for the event in August. The multimedia section is particulary useful, with videos, audio clips and photographs of everything from the WYD Hymn, to the stations of the Cross, to a day in the life of the diocese preparing for the influx of pilgrims. The site, taking its target audience into account, makes full use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter(@madrid11_en), XT3 and Flickr which makes for a fun and exuberant website with lots of information to explore. The website also gives the current location of the WYD Cross and Icon as it makes its own journey to the Madrid and the handy “ABC Guide” to WYD covers all practicalities that a pilgrim or an interested party may require.

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