Friday, August 19, 2011

Senior Cycle Religion-The Inner Circle

For any teachers getting ready to return to work next week, make sure to get a copy of the workbook for the Senior Cycle religion book The Inner Place which has just been published by Veritas. I'm going back to school (literally) next week, to teach Senior Cycle Religious Education (i.e. there's no exam in the subject but it's taught as part of the commitment of the school to its ethos) and to train to be a fully qualified second level teacher. There may be a bit of slant to my posts in the next year!

The workbook contains worksheets to encourage students to explore further the ideas and concepts which are presented in the textbook and as any teacher of a non exam subject will attest, we need all the resources we can get!

According to the website blurb "there are also many suggestions for project work which will enrich the students’ involvement in the religion class and encourage further reflection on what is being presented." A mere €4.99 (plus €1.50 handling fee) it's well worth the investment. I'll let you know how it works out!

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