Wednesday, April 29, 2009

General Websites for Religious Education

Religious Education Online
English website-Good resource pages

Religious Studies section of this website provides links to larger websites (such as the British Museum). You can search by age group.

Biblical Art
Huge resource for biblical paintings and biblical art in general.

The EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies is a faculty-library initiative at Yale Divinity School that provides digital resources for teaching and research in the field of Biblical studies.

NTGateway is generally viewed as the New Testament website and has been recently updated. Good section on films that can be used in class.

The St John’s Bible is the modern day equivalent of the Book of Kells-lovely pictures!

The one with the lego men. Check for age appropriate content.

Links to bible maps which make for useful visual aids.

This site uses Google Maps in connection with the full text of the Bible to allow site visitors to make a customized map of every place name found in the Bible, both ancient and modern.

The Back Pew
Funny cartoons on various bible passages.

London Times Faith
The London Times website on various faith centered topics. Superb articles and lots of up to date information.

Powerpoint slides (maps etc)

Vernacular descriptions of terms associated with Biblical Studies. Good fun!

Busted Halo
Excellent online magazine. Worth a look if you’re stuck for ideas or for keeping up with current trends in religion and spirituality. Beware of the quiz (link at the bottom of the page)- you will get addicted.

World Prayers
A random prayer generator that is a lot more sophisticated than it sounds!

Daily prayers that you can download as MP3s. Very useful for playing via a laptop in the classroom.

The online journal of British Jesuits.

The Way is an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits.

Website of links to resources.

The online Catechism from the Vatican website.

Christian youth website (VERY enthusiastic, possibly a little too much for cycnical teenagers) subsite is which focuses on social justice

Online, searchable text of the NRSV Bible. What did we do before cut and paste?!

Christian Books
My favourite website for buying "hard copy" resources. Though it is based in the US the shipping is quite reasonable and they offer good discounts on bulk buys.

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! The link to "breathing space" provides some beautiful photos which may aid reflection and the section on "Pay it forward" deals with helping others. The site regularly updates the programmes required to view the content so make sure you have the updated version.


Website of the (Irish) National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

Website of the trustee body for the voluntary secondary schools of the Daughters of Charity, the Presentation Sisters, the Sisters of the Christian Retreat, the Sisters of Mercy and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The newsletter of this website is especially useful and well designed.

Resources for Catholic Schools in Northern Ireland.

The American Academy of Religion. The religion in schools link under "Public Affairs" is worth a look for a different perspective.

Access to information, advice and opinion on Catholic education and Catholic schools in Scotland. The links for articles under "Article Folders" provides some useful articles as well as links to papal statements on various issues pertinent to education.

Website run by the Catholic Relief Services. Lots of resources for prayer services. Excellent links page.

Franciscan run "link site" that is well updated. Usually follows the Liturgical Calendar.

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