Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second Level Teaching Resources

Just a few of the websites I recommend through my work with Diocesan Post Primary Religious Education Advisers.

Some recommended Catholic Websites:

The largest Catholic blog website on the Internet and one of the easiest to use and to search. Search for articles from thousands of Catholic blogs, or browse the directory of Catholic blogs and RSS/Atom feeds. Hundreds of articles added daily to this website.

Tangle (Formally godtube.com) is a free video sharing website much like the infamous YouTube but which specialises in Christian-themed videos. The website has a huge selection of themes, from Christian music videos to fascinating insights on how the liturgy is celebrated in other countries and cultures. It also features a free weekly download.

Personalize your content, layout, and preferences with MyCatholic. Choose from daily Mass readings, reflections, news, links, tools and more.

Catholic news, inspirational stories, articles and links presented by topics.

CatholicContent offers free content to Catholic blogs and other (non-profit) Catholic websites. By simply adding a few lines to your HTML code, you can easily provide Mass readings, reflections, and more to your readers.

London-based daily Catholic news service.

For more than fifty years, CatholicTV has been providing programming for the Catholic community in Boston and beyond.

Online curriculum support for catechists with discussion group, Catholic links etc. Some content requires subscription.

Resources for parents who wish to educate their children (both home schooling and as a follow up to what their schools teach).

An excellent resource website including information on saints and Catholic news. This link is the prayer resource section on the website, including a good resource on the Stations of the Cross.

MyCatholicVoice is a beta site but contains lots of videos (many linked to YouTube) that may be used in a classroom setting. Information on prayer and youth groups is very good and there is a service where you can upload your own video masterpiece to share with other groups!

Australian website concerning Catholic resources. The pages under "Religion" are helpful as they provide comment and news on the different topics, e.g. Islam and Inter-faith dialogue

Catholic Resources
Does as it says on the tin!

I've checked all these websites just before I posted but due to the nature of the Internet I can't keep an eye on the site content all the time-let me know if any links are broken or out of date and remember to use common sense when using any site's content!

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