Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Blog Roll

I've added a blog roll to my blog which seems to prove once and for all how diverse my interests are! The only criteria I stipulated for inclusion into the list was that there had to be some evidence of keeping the blog up-to-date and it had to be one that I read now and again. Some of the blogs are written by friends of mine, some by people I met at conferences, some I like the name of, one for the pure horror of the Hebrew tattoos that the blog critiques, some just because I feature on it, and some properly nerdy ones that no biblenerd should be without!

The proficient blogger that is Zoomtard (putting us all to shame blogging with broken arms-yes that is the plural) called this blog a biblioblog but I'm not too sure. Apparently there's a lot of strict criteria to be called this and I'm not too pushed on all that effort (perhaps the form filling I've been doing for funding this past week has made me wary about things with bullet points!) To be honest a lot of biblioblogs seem to take the format of "Oh I was reading this really obscure bit of Esther and here's 1200 words with no graphics on why I think it's especially fascinating. And I disagree with all the following people-link them in so they have to read this. Sit Back. Wait for Comments. Indulge in back biting and more obscure references." If this format is getting a bit tired, blog about how many books you're going to buy at SBL. Then take pictures of the piles, lamenting how you'll never get around to reading them as you're so busy reading Esther. And repeat.

Though never say never. The day blogging counts for academic publishing will be the day I start chopping up articles and lecture notes and following the above format. Until then, this is a handy resource I can send those poor unfortunates who have to sit through my workshops to so they don't have to cut and paste. And a good place to put all those Bible cartoons I get sent and have nowhere to showcase them.

Speaking of which :)


  1. Our temporarily dis(en)abled Correspondent just let me know that you're blogging now. I suppose you think that's all really 'hip' and 'down with the kids'. Here's the news Poindexter: blogging is so 2005.

    That is all.

  2. Here is a blog that really tells it like it is according to Bible prophecy!
    Check it out!