Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to my World

I'm attempting to be all productive in the form filling side of my career this week but couldn't resist taking some time away from signing things in triplicate to share this picture I found on the SBL website:

There's no caption with it but a sneak at the properties of the picture show that this is a general pic from "a session" at the Annual Meeting held in New Orleans. The picture is therefore a generic (look at the fun you can have at our meetings! Sign up below!) one taken for marketing purposes.

Now class-anyone have any comments? Apart from the fact that everyone looks a little pained and the guy in the front and centre is wearing one of those trendy Dead Sea Scrolls ties (be afraid! You can get a bow tie too but that's a post for another day...oh ok then)
Unless you've lost the power of observation you should have noted that there is indeed only one female in the picture-front and centre mind you and not the most enthralled expression on her face but she is there! So welcome to my world. And I'd be willing to bet money on the fact she's not a lay women either.

The reason that this probably caught my eye (I'm kind of used to it by this stage) is that I've been invited to propose a contribution (probably a short paper) that I could give at the SBL Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession sponsored "Survivor" session for the Annual Meeting in 2011 in San Francisco. The topic of this session is teaching in conservative institutions. The thought of being a "survivor" at the age of 30 and only 3 years after getting my doctorate seems a tad premature but I'm excited at the idea of sharing my experiences and getting feedback from the huge amounts of female members of the SBL who attend these sessions. Rumour has it that only 23% of the SBL membership are female and when you attend the Women's Breakfast at the Annual meeting (so so worth getting out of bed for a 7.30am start!) and listen to our shared experiences you realise how tough it is for women t o get a break in the academic side of Biblical Studies. I'll keep you posted.

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