Monday, March 29, 2010

"Bible Dudes" Website

Bible dudes is a fun website that is actually very informative (Something I hope that my own blog manages to achieve!) It describes itself as
a totally awesome, entertaining, and informative website devoted to teaching the most influential book ever written — as well as the completely amazing discipline of biblical studies.
You can tut all you want but the site is actually written by two US university lecturers who should know better, Michael M. Homan from Xavier (check out his blog) and Jeffrey C. Geoghegan from Boston College Few will admit to having heard of these two before but they are the co-authors who wrote The Bible for Dummies-don't pretend you haven't at least had a peak!

More Bible websites should describe themselves as "totally awesome" in my opinion! The site has five main sections, Bible, Biblical Studies, Tanak, Apocrypha and New Testament. The biblical studies section is particularly good-with a good overview of the main critical approaches to the biblical text, such as source, redaction and form criticism, as well as archeological finds that relate to the Bible. The graphics for these are all cartoons rather than colour photographs for example the Siloam inscription below:

The site also offers a translation of the various inscriptions that it depicts.

The site doesn't offer a whole deal of new or academic information on the subjects it treats, but it does make you laugh and gives an excellent overview of the topics it features. For example, Mr T (the cartoon on the right is from the site too) teaches us about the Book of Genesis ("I pity the fool who doesn't know about Genesis!"). The Apocryphal literature fares a little better and the New Testament was under construction as this review was written. Keep an eye on their blog for more up-to-date information on the heady and exciting world of biblical studies! And make sure to try the quiz and get into the Hall of Fame-you get a rather "awesome" badge to display too!

My BibleDudes Quiz Score: 10 our of 10

With special thanks to the Bible Dudes for generously allowing me to use the images above! And no, they didn't give me the quiz answers beforehand!


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