Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Art

I sent out my "Happy Easter" card to all my Millltown students on Friday (They're all on holidays this week the lucky things). While composing the message I was struck by the lack of graphics that you can use for Easter Greetings-it's all either bunnies, or lambs or the "Sacred Heart" (and frankly frightening) depictions of Jesus:

I love art that makes me think so when I found the artwork of the famed Chinese artist He Qi I knew I was on to a winner. This is my favourite and is called "He is Risen"-I use it when I teach about the women and the Resurrection in the Gospel of Luke. I love the colours and the symbolism in the painting.

This picture below is typical of the kind of technique employed by He Si-have a look at the website for more examples from both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and do sent me on recommendations if you have any.

Some websites of resources for children that you could use for some downtime over the holidays or at your Children's Liturgy or Family Mass:

Colouring pages, lots of links on Apples 4 the teacher, lots of different resources-some suited more to a classroom environment Resources for Christian Teachers, where would you be at Easter with "Tomb Cookies"? Don't forget to include something on Passover if you have the time and check out the excellently named "Fridge Art" website for some more Catholic ideas.

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