Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Croke Park Banner-John 3:7

As the mighty Co. Louth are gearing up for the Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship final on July 11th in Corke Park it's good to know that Frank Hogan and his John 3:7 banner will be back to support us.

For those of you not familiar with Frank, he's a 72 year old Limerick man who takes a big yellow banner with John 3:7 printed on it in black to every single televised gaelic football or hurling match and to pretty much every big event in the country and stands with his sign. He's become a bit of a celebrity (I got to shake his hand and have a hold of the banner on a train to Limerick a few years ago) and caused a furore last August when some (Kildare) supporters nicked the sign. Last week he was asked not to bring the banner into the stadium last week (that's something the Dubs can blame!). Sighs of relief all round then as he's been welcomed back by the GAA!

Photo by Valentia


  1. I never knew it was the same guy all the time!

  2. Well there is a bit of a posse of Born Again Christians who help him out-they go when he can't and usually head to festivals and they stand of Grafton Street every weekend just standing about with all their signs-they always wait for you to ask them about the sign rather that roaring about "being saved" which is always nice and polite! But yeah, Frank is the main main!