Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did all the nerds go?

Any excuse to put up an Eminem video. And yes kids, it's ok to know all the lyrics to this AND be a Bible nerd :)

Apologies to all those who might have missed me! I know I usually hate people who blog cool stuff then suddenly stop but sometimes work and a bit of a rest have to come first. Please forgive me! That and the fact my precious laptop is at the doctors for the 3rd time! Now enough excuses...

To fill you in on what I've been up to, I finished my postdoc in Milltown and now have a shiny 70,000 word manuscript that I must try to get published (anyone who runs their own publishing press and wishes to have a new best friend you know where I am! My Mum promised to buy a copy. Not to read it mind you, but to buy one!). The still working title for the work is "The Names of God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A Basis for Interfaith Dialogue". So fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

I'm now in the land of lots of part time jobs, which is interesting and good for the blog, if not fantastic for having some money. But I hardly went into this lark for the riches :) The job I'm most excited about is teaching Senior Cycle Religion in Colaiste Ris, a secondary school in Dundalk, Ireland (my home town). It's about time that I actually took the advice I've been giving teachers on how to teach and actually did it myself! I'm very lucky as I've got 4 Leaving Cert classes-or Senior Cycle as they don't actually sit an exam in what they study. I'm working with an amazing group of teachers so I'm in safe hands. I'm working with Morality with fifth years and Cults and NRM (New Religious Movements) with my sixth years so I'll keep you posted on all that. First things first on Wednesday though, we're doing some icebreakers. Which I HATE. As they're usually cringey so I'm consulted the experts in my family and in school and I'm trying Two Truths and A Lie which might not be too bad. At least it isn't "Say your name, how you feel and one interesting thing about you". I suspect there's not much about me that teenagers would find interesting :)

Otherwise I'm teaching with Mater Dei in Armagh and Ballyroan. I'm teaching the Pentateuch (well just Genesis and Exodus) in Armagh and Paul in Ballyroan. The whole NT Paul is a little hazy so I've a good bit of work to do there. But I'm excited. I do love Adult Ed stuff and I've got some new resources with books and videos so I'm good to go. Looking forward to it!

In a personal academic sense I'm working on a paper for SOTS in January and I've got some stuff up my sleeve for reception theory for the SBL that I've been dying to get into. Just to find the time!

Please excuse me as I catch up on my posts. Anything that you'd like to comment on just drop me a mail! My blogroll is in need of an update but please bear with me!

And just to show you how productive my summer was-my new lecturing clobber :)

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